Explore the world's most reliable network

The world is your oyster. Our global network spans across vast distances and makes it seem like your servers are right next to each other. Powered by Juniper Redundant Backbones and Cisco Switching Fabrics, we deliver best-in-class cutting edge network speeds throughout all RackCrate POP locations.

High Speed, Maximum Reliability

We offer speeds of up to 20Gbit per server, and up to 40GB interface connectivity within our data centers. We have some of the fastest connections publicly available in the industry.

Fully Native IPv6 Support

RackCrate has been native with IPv6 since the creation of the network, no tunneling required. We offer IPv6 on every service that we offer and our technical team is IPv6 savvy.

Open Peering

We believe in an Open Private and Public Peering for a better Internet, we are actively involved in major exchanges which include over 100 direct relationships with companies such an Amazon, Facebook, Cox, Softlayer and many more.

Unprecedented Uptime

This isn't our first rodeo, we design each network location with full redundancy to give you 100% network uptime. From carriers to Core Routers, every path is diverse and redundant to ensure you don't lose sleep over server downtime!

Direct Major Peering

We peer with Equinix and AMS-IX exchanges to bring more direct connections to you with the lowest latency. The more connected we are, the more you benefit.

High Physical Security

RackCrate utilizes human and technology solutions and measures to ensure the highest physical security for our data centers. Some solutions include:

  • Full-time security staff
  • Key card access
  • Biometric scanners
  • Mantrap entries
  • Perimeter and interior IP-DVR cameras
  • 24x7x365 security guard monitoring
  • 8' perimeter fence with controlled site access

Full BGP Blended Transit

Our blend is best-in-class with multiple transit providers connected to each data center and tied together to form one globally unified network.

Transit Providers:

  • AboveNet/Zayo
  • Level 3
  • GTT Communications
  • Telia Sonera
  • NTT Communications
  • Cogent
  • Hurricane Electric

Diverse Fiber Paths

Independent of your location, if your customers and users are globally based, your infrastructure should be, too. We offer services in geo-diverse locations to securely connect, backup and deploy your environment across multiple locations. By leveraging our global data center footprint, you can get closer to your users and deliver less latency, and the localized experience they demand.