Why choose RackCrate?

RackCrate brings together a unique combination of enterprise-class technologies from best-in-class category leaders, such as Intel, Cisco, Supermicro, Radware, Alert Logic, Microsoft, and many, many more. We then integrate their technology into our award-winning automation engine, support it with our certified staff, and customize it to fit our clients needs. The result is truly enterprise-class hosted cloud infrastructure, available on-demand for businesses of all sizes.

100% Uptime SLA

We've always had extremely rigid internal standards. These closely monitored objectives are how we continue to set the bar high and improve our customer service. Our SLA is based on exceedingly granular goals that are completely visible to our customers. In their highest forms, SLAs embody the values and capabilities of an entire organization, and they provide a clear benchmark for employee performance and customer satisfaction.

We offer our clients the following considerations in the event that our services fail to provide you both 100% uninterrupted transit to the Internet or uninterrupted access to power.

Impact Compensation
1 Hour 10%
3 Hours 25%
7 Hours 50%
14 Hours 75%
+19 Hours 100%

One-to-One Support

Support at RackCrate means more than just answering your technical questions and fixing your problems, it means listening to and working with you to address your account and business needs. From your first sales interaction, to technical or billing inquiries, to advice on which service will best support your developing business, we have the people and the resources to take care of you and the growth of your operation.

Global Reach

Independent of your location, if your customers and users are globally based your infrastructure should be too. We offer a full portfolio of IT services in each geo-diverse RackCrate location to securely connect, backup and deploy your environment across multiple locations. By leveraging our global data center footprint, you can get closer to your users and deliver less latency, and the localized experience they demand.

Enterprise Stability

RackCrate is committed to offering premium services at an affordable price. Our platform only leverages enterprise grade brands, built upon a global footprint of multiple, concurrently maintainable data center locations. These factors allow us to provide 100% uptime, security and environment stability, and the ultimate infrastructure reliability. Our vendors share in our commitment, and offer us the latest IT advancements. This helps take the guess work out of ensuring that your deployments and your services create a reliable infrastructure.

Innovative Industry

At RackCrate, we don’t rest on our laurels; we are constantly innovating to improve and expand our service portfolio, facilities and data centers. We pride ourselves on leading the market with a wide breadth of new and valuable solutions built to suit. With thoughtful design and a team of industry experts, each RackCrate solution is built to support our long-term goal of delivering an ever evolving IT platform, while helping our customers meet all their technology and business objectives, both today and well into the future.

Sweet Benefits

Customers who join our partner program not only
receive discounts, but also complimentary rewards.

Milestone Gifts Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6
Total Servers 2-9 10-24 25-49 50-74 75-99 100+
Discounted Services
No Setup Fees
Personalized Promotions
Free WHMCS License  
$500 Account Credit    
Personalized IT Equipment      
Office Space at RackCrate        
Private Office Suite at RackCrate          

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For more reasons why your business should choose RackCrate, contact a Sales Advisor.